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What is WWW1? Webopedia Definition.
Often we see www1 or www2 used for serving secure webpages, for example, the login page on a banking website. Web sites, especially dynamic Web sites, that handle large amounts of traffic often need more than one server to accommodate the many requests they receive as one server often cannot handle the multitude of requests. The numbers that follow the WWW" refer to different Web servers, often as elements of a server farm, that all contain the exact same information. The servers are used in coordination with each other for load balancing. An example of this system is, which uses multiple servers to handle all its traffic. Sometimes the user's' physical location determines which server receives the routed requests, and sometimes the different servers are used when one or more of the servers need to be taken offline in order to be updated with current information. IT Solutions Builder TOP IT RESOURCES TO MOVE YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD. Which topic are you interested in? What is your company size?
What is the meaning of www1, www2 so on? Is the www not enough? Quora.
World Wide Web: What is www2? What are the benefits of the WWW? What is the difference between www, www2, and www3? What is the difference between www and www2 in website links? What is www world wide web mean?
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url Why are some websites spread across www2, www3 sub-domains whilst others manage scaling without it? Stack Overflow.
active oldest votes. wwwn is an easy way to add more more servers to cope with load since you can load balance very easily between the various servers with wwwn you can just redirect the request to the appropriate server and forget about subsequent requests because the client then deals with www1 or www2 etc.
Why do some urls have ww2 instead of www? AnandTech Forums: Technology, Hardware, Software, and Deals.
What is it's' purpose? Apr 8, 2006. Apr 10, 2001. Apr 8, 2006. they are just subdomains. Apr 8, 2006. Aug 15, 2004. Apr 8, 2006. Its due to the fact they are running out of domain names and made a another level at which they could create domain names. and are two different domain and/or websites. Apr 8, 2006. Sep 14, 2001. Apr 8, 2006. The way DNS works is that the first part of the DNS name is the server name, so when you specify you're' telling your web browser to connect to host www in the domain. Usually when you see www2 or ww2 it's' indicating that the host is part of a server farm, usually there's' several addresses and you just happened to get the number 2.
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