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to review
review vertaling Engels-Nederlands.
to inspect, to review, to scrutinize ww. I review you review we review. ik schouw jij schouwt wij schouwen meer vervoegingen van schouwen. to audit, to check, to supervise, to verify, to collate, to moderate, to oversee, to review, to examine ww.
to review vervoegen Engels alle vervoegingen van to review.
Vervoeging van review. Onbepaalde wijs infinitief: to review. vertaal alle vervoegingen. I am reviewing. you are reviewing. he/she/it is reviewing. we are reviewing. you are reviewing. they are reviewing. I was reviewing. you were reviewing. he/she/it was reviewing. we were reviewing.
review Definition of review in English by Oxford Dictionaries.
Apple agrees it's' necessary to review the way things have been done in the past and change them to fit a new world. Medecins Sans Frontieres have shown no intention to review their decision to pull out of the country in July for their workers safety.
Review definition of review by The Free Dictionary.
re-examination nochmalige Prüfung; to do a review of something etw überprüfen; the agreement comes up for review or comes under review next year das Abkommen wird nächstes Jahr nochmals geprüft; his salary is due for review in January im Januar wird sein Gehalt neu festgesetzt; there will be a review of the situation in 3 months time in 3 Monaten wird die Lage noch einmal überprüft.
Review Definition of Review by Merriam-Webster.
The village board will review the proposal for the first time at its April 9 meeting and give community chance to discuss it. susan demar lafferty, Daily Southtown, New" Lenox mayor offers loan to reopen fire station closed due to budget cuts, 2 Apr.
Conducting a review.
According to COPE guidelines, reviewers must treat any manuscripts they are asked to review as confidential documents. Since peer review is confidential, they must not share the review or information about the review with anyone without the agreement of the editors and authors involved.
review Nederlandse vertaling Engels-Nederlands woordenboek.
When it comes to reviewing what happens at Barcelona, we will be judging you by the report card. Wanneer de Top van Barcelona wordt geëvalueerd, zullen wij u beoordelen naar uw schoolrapport. to review ook: to bespeak, to book, to discuss, to hash out.
Review Synonyms, Review Antonyms
Proclaim at daybreak that I myself will review the troops in the Vivarrambla. I passed a review of a whole army of professional Italian models. I have not time to review it, so accept of it in the beaten way of friendship.

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